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Window Tinting Cape Town covers all of your window tinting needs. Whether it’s for your home, car or office, read on to discover how we can help you. If the sun is causing damage to your blinds, curtains or furniture, you might want to consider window tinting.

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Automotive Window Film

You probably spend a significant amount of time in your car and so you and your passengers will want to feel as comfortable as possible while on the road. Here at Window Tinting Cape Town, we offer quality car window tinting. Whether you’re after a clear shade or a deeper tint, our car window tints make your journeys cooler, calmer and happier. What’s more, your car will look much more stylish too!

Window Tinting Cape Town has a selection of car window films that goes on for miles! Whatever your tastes and preferences, we will certainly have something to suit you.

Window Tinting Cape Town

Affordable and High-Quality Window Tinting for Cars, Homes and Offices.

Why choose to vehicle glass tinting?

Window tinting changes the characteristics of your car’s glass. When the tinting film is applied, the way in which visible light enters your car changes.

Without a film, your car glass will reflect around 5 percent of the visible light that touches it. It will also absorb the same amount. Conversely, the standard class in your vehicle will transmit 90 percent of the visible light directly into your car. These figures are often referred to as VLR%, VLA% and VLT%. Window tinting changes all of that.

By applying a film to the windows, you are able to protect the inside of the vehicle and its passengers and driver from harmful UV rays while travelling. What’s more, Window Tinting Cape Town uses an automotive film that offers high performance. Our film has powerful heat rejection properties and can even defend against scratches.

Types of window tinting

Dyed Window Tints

Our dyed window tints are stylish and smart and come in many different shades. All of our dyed window tint films for cars contain a mix of UV blocker, polythene and a premium dye. Our films also have a second UV blocker applied on top of the thin dye layer. This means that they are durable and are not as likely to discolour.

Metalized Window Tint

This type of window tint puts you in control of the climate inside your car while making a statement. We love the look of our metalized window tints but that’s not all we love about them. They protect your vehicle from the side effects of living in a sunny place, that being hot inside surfaces, damage from long periods of sun exposure and over-used air conditioning.

Ceramic Window Tint

These window tints are so style but they also have great properties if you want to have optimal connectivity wherever you go. Our ceramic window tint films have nano-technology that eliminates interference. So, not only do you get all of the added benefits of having a high-quality window tint, you stay connected better too.

Clear Window Tint

If you don’t want to change the look of your car but do want the benefits that window films offer, you can get a clear window tint. Our clear window tint is compatible with all factory glass. If you spend a lot of time driving, the side of your body that is close to the door window is much more exposed to harmful UV rays, which increases your risk of skin cancer and causes ageing. These rays also fade your upholstery. Our clear window tints won’t go noticed but they will have excellent benefits for you, your passengers and your car.

Window Tinting

When you first think of window tinting in South Africa, most images that spring to mind are the ones of building with badly applied, black window films. Films like this make the inside of buildings very dark, which is certainly not ideal. In the last few years, however, there has been new technology developments with regards to window tinting and you will no longer be required to keep your lights on inside when you have a window film applied!

Different types of window tinting film

There are many different types of film that can be installed to your glass depending on different needs and requirements. Window Tinting Cape Town uses the following types of window tinting film regularly:

  • Insulating window films
  • Glare reduction films
  • Privacy films
  • UV blocking films
  • Decorative window films
  • Security window films
  • Anti-graffiti films
  • One-way mirror
  • Dyed films
  • Ceramic films
  • Metal films
  • Spectrally selective films

Why use window films on buildings?

Having lots of windows and glass is really attractive from both the outside and the inside of a building. However, when it is sunny, a building with lots of glass can feel like a huge greenhouse inside. This requires lots of air conditioning so that the atmosphere is not stifling. This leads to a huge energy bill each month. With a window film, your space becomes a lot more energy efficient.

New window films

After a lot of research and development, there are now new window films that are really effective but that keep the light coming into the room.

There is a marked reduction in glare without feeling as though you’re in the dark. Your space is comfortable and safe from harmful UV rays.

UV light is harmful in many ways. It affects your furniture and carpets but most importantly it affects people.

It can increase eye strain and fatigue as well as reducing the harmful effects that cause skin cancer to develop. With a film installation, you have all of the benefits of protection against UV rays as well as lower energy bills.

Window film or double glazing?

Window film can transform your windows to be much more energy efficient. With an energy efficient tint, you get a high thermal performance but this is not as good as having double glazing.

However, the cost of installing a window film is significantly lower than the cost of installing double glazing. It is, therefore, a low-cost, high return alternative that will reduce your energy consumption.

Other reasons to install window tinting

Safety-wise, window tint films strengthen your glass. This means there is a lower chance of having a problem with glass breaking. With a film, your glass become shatterproof thus you don’t have shards of glass flying should an accident occur. This makes it much safer for homes with young children.

A further safety reason to install window tinting film is that it can prevent smash and grab attacks. Your class is strengthened by the film which will make it harder for someone to break in through the glass.

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